Pull Up to the Bumper: Black Bodies Trending

hottentot_venus3  Kim-Kardashian-bum-

Hosted by Black History Walks, London on Friday 20th March 2015 as part of a series of lectures in honour of Queen Nzingha is Pull Up to the Bumper – “a visual and verbal exploration of the changing dynamics between European fashions and the Black body” – with a particular focus on the current fascination with and pervasiveness of the female derrièr.

This illustrated talk by Teleica Kirkland Founder of the Costume Institute for the African Diaspora, will discuss the following themes:

– A burgeoning theory on the influence of the creation of the bustle as developed by Charles Worth circa 1840’s.
– The Black body shape that is acceptable in white spaces and is seen on the catwalks around the world.
– The self policing around the pervasiveness of the bottom amongst African and non African cultures.

NB: Admission are free if booked via eventbrite. Donations will also be accepted on the day.


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