Progressive Resource Kit


For further  reading materials on the histories and legacies of racist imagery throughout Europe and across the rest of the world, as well as useful study resources that will aid in counter-movements and/or the enhancement of critical media literate and decolonial perspectives, see the following ever-evolving list below. 

*Certain resources are less accessible online and/or to the general public due to being published in academic journals or as books, as well as book chapters.

Media Representations:

Black Panther: ‘Why people like me are refusing to be sub-plots’ (2018) via BBC

Casting “Crazy Rich Asians”: The privileges and pitfalls of being Eurasian (2017) by Louise Hung

Ceramic Uncles and Celluloid Mammies: Black Images and Their Influence on Culture (1994) by Patricia A Turner (book)*

Daily Racism: The Press and Black People in Britain (1989) by Paul Gordon and David Rosenberg (book)*

Does Reality TV Have a Problem with Black Women? (2017) by Yomi Adegoki

The Handmaid’s Tale’s race problem (2017) by Ellen E Jones

The Harmful History of “Gypsy” (2017) by Jessica Reidy

It Doesn’t Matter That An Arab Will Play Aladdin (2017) by Khaled A Beydoun

Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’: When White directors tell Black stories (2017) by Touré

‘The Problem with Apu’ Trailer Asks: Is Apu From The Simpsons a Minstrel? (2017)
by Vulture

Stereotyping in the Media (blog) by Amanda Chandler

Typecast as a Terrorist (2016) by Riz Ahmed

What ‘Dear White People’ Gets Wrong About Africans (2017) by Arenike Adebajo

What do you see when you look at this cover? (2016) by Melissa Harris-Perry

What’s so hard about casting Indian actors in Indian roles? (2017) by Kevin Noble Maillard

White Issues, Italian Vogue’s “all black” issue and the Visual Imaginary (2010) by Nana Adusei-Poku (book chapter)*

Why does Hollywood keep churning out racist fantatsies like ‘Victoria & Abdul’? (2017) by Bilal Qureshi

Why the lack of Indian and African faces in Dunkirk matters (2017) by Sunny Singh

Zine queens: how women’s magazines found new life via indie publishing (2017) by Ruth Jamieson

Performative Analyses:

Blackface is Big in Germany: Despite a growing backlash against is, blackface is still popular in Germany, where people insist they aren’t racist (2014) by Joel Stonington

Cameron and the morris dancers: a sign of our nationalistic mood (2014) by Lola Okolosie

The challenge to conceptualise multiplicity of multiplicities: Post-black art and its intricacies (2012) by Nana Adusei-Poku 

Discursive Strategies in Fixing Images of Power: The Enslaved ‘Other’ in Miller’s Art and Nature and Kotzebue’s ‘The Negro Slaves’ (2009) by Ulrich Pallua (book chapter)*

Like the Golliwog, Zwarte Piet is a racist relic, so why is it a part of the Dutch Christmas? (2012) by Bel Parnell-Berry and Karlijn Vōlke

Performing Blackness on English Stages, 1500-1800 (2005) by Virginia Vaughan (book)*

Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights (2011) by Robin Bernstein (book)*

Return to the Dark Ages (2006) by Hannah Pool

The scariest thing about Halloween is seeing all the douchebags who think racial masquerade is okay (2014) by Michael Mark Cohen

We need to talk about digital blackface in reaction GIFs (2017) by Lauren Michele Jackson

Cultural Appropriation:

Stealing beauty: How much did Picasso’s paintings borrow from African art? (2006) by Andrew Meldrum

Stella McCartney did the most British thing ever: she stole from Africans (2017) by Kuchenga

What if we let it up to Arab artists to be the ones to tell their (hi)story? (2017) by Mohamed Sqalli

Imagery for Children:

9 Things parents do everyday that perpetuate racism (2017) by Priscilla Blossom

10 Painfully racist moments in Disney movies they want you to forget (2017) by Screen Rant

28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball (2018) by Scott Woods Makes Lists

1899: An ABC for Baby Patriots (2017) by Mashable

Black Power: 17 Children’s Books on Black Activists, Innovators, and Scholars Who Changed History (2018) by The Conscious Kid Library

The Elephant in the Room: Picturebooks, Philosophy for Children and Racism (2014) by Darren Chetty (journal article)*

The Enduring Legacy of Disney’s Black Millennial Classic ‘A Goofy Movie’ (2017) by Austin Williams 

How to combat racial bias: Start in childhood (2017) by Gail Heyman

Soon Come Home to this Island: West Indians in British Children’s Literature (2007) by Karen Sands-O’Connor

Sweet Blackberry Foundation

“You can’t do that! Stories have to be about White people!” (2013) by Darren Chetty

Decolonial Analyses:

An Apology is Not Enough: Germany, Genocide and the Limits of Reparations for Namibia (2016) by Perivi John Katjavivi

Belonging: Navigating Artificial Borders (2017) edited by Shades of Noir 

Black Europe Body Politics: Toward an Afropean Decolonial Aesthetics (2013) by Alanna Lockward

Black Skin, White Masks (1967) by Frantz Fanon (book)*

Decolonising Desire: The Politics of Love (2017) by Dalia Gebrial

An Image of Africa (1977) by Chinua Achebe (book)*

‘The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house’. Frantz Fanon on Whiteness in Hegemonic Social Philosophy (2011) by Vanessa Eileen Thompson (book chapter)*

A Reasonable Alternative to Zwarte Piet (2013) by Patricia Schor

Thinking Citizenship from the Vantage Point of the Dutch Caribbean (2017) by Sruti Bala

Weak Tea (2017) by The Palace of the Dogs

What Europe Might Have Looked Like If It Had Been Colonised (2017) by Frank Jacobs

Why Golliwog wars are important (2011) by Lee Jasper

Being a person of colour in Europe:

16 Stunning Pictures of Black British People Living Their Best Lives (2016) by Tolani Shoneye

Afrophobia in Europe: ENAR Shadow Report 2014-2015 (2015) by Ojeaku Nwabuzo for ENAR

All the ways white people are privileged in the UK (2017) by Al Jazeera News

Asian Britain: A Photographic History (2013)  by Susheila Nasta (book)*

Being Black in Berlin (2017) Jennifer Neal

Black Britain: A Photographic History (2007) by Paul Gilroy (book)*

“Black Folk Here and There”: Repositioning Other(ed) African Diaspora(s) in/and “Europe” (2010) by Jayne O Ifekwunigewe (book chapter)*

Invisible Visible Minority report (2014) by European Network Against Racism

Let’s talk about race and identity in Ireland (2017) by Emma Dabiri

Statistically speaking, black people in Germany don’t exist (2017) Aamna Mohdin

The Everyday Racism Black Spaniards Face (2017) by Sara Rosati

The Good Immigrant (2016) edited by Nikesh Shukla (book)*

The Nod: A Subtle Lowering of the Head You Give to Another Black Person in an Overwhelmingly White Place (2017) by Musa Okwonga

The reality of being black in today’s Britain (2016) by David Olusoga

“There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack” (1987) by Paul Gilroy (book)*

This is what it’s like growing up in Wales as a black woman (2017) by Ayofemi Holloway

What it’s like being black in Poland (2017) by Sonti Ramirez

“Where are you really from?”: The hidden lives of POC in rural Britain (2017) by Louisa Adjoa Parker

Why there’s nothing racist about black-only spaces (2017) by Charlie Brinkhorst-Cuff

Discussions on Whiteness:

4 Racist Stereotypes White Patriarchy Invented to ‘Protect’ White Womanhood (2016) by Jennifer Loubriel

The 6-Step Guide to Raising Anti-Racist White Kids as a White Parent (2016) by Kathi Valeii

10 things every white teach should know when talking about race (2017) by Angela Watson

10 Ways well-meaning white teachers bring racism into our schools (2015) by Jamie Utt

Steve McQueen and the Dutch (2014) by Chandra Frank

Thinking Whiteness in French and Swiss Cyberspaces (2010) by Noémi Michel and Manuela Honegger (journal article)*

When you say you ‘don’t see race’, you’re ignoring racism, not helping to solve it (2015) by Zach Stafford

White Innocence and the Dutch elections (2017) by Nick Barr Clingan

The White Problem (2014) by Quinn Norton

Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants? (2017) by Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

Historical Analyses:

Black histories aren’t all urban: Tales from the West Country (2017) by Louisa Adjoa Parker

Blackface Minstrelsy in Britain (2008) by Michael Pickering (book)*

Bollywood, Chicken Curry – and IT: The Public Spectacle of the Indian Exotic and Post-Colonial Anxieties in Switzerland (2015) by Rohit Jain (book chapter)*

Buy Golly: The History of Black Collectables (2005) by Clinton Derricks (book)*

The Colonial History of India’s Favourite Sari Blouse (2017) by Payal Mohta

Colonial Postcards and Women as Props for War-Making (2017) by Sarah Sentilles

The Golliwog Caricature (2000) by David Pilgrim

How can we untangle white supremacy from Medieval studies? (2017) by David M. Perry

Imperial Persuaders: Images of Africa and Asia in British Advertising (2003) by Anandi Ramamurthy (book)*

It’s Time to Talk about Black Tudors (2014) by Rowena Mondiwa

The racist ideas of slave owners are still with us today (2016) by Catherine Hall

Yes, there were people of colour in pre-Modern Europe (2017) by David M Perry

Discussions on Colourism and Mixed Raceness:

5 Things Light-Skinned People of Color Say That Make Us Sound Like Racist White People (2017) by Nico Dacumos

BGLH was just dragged for describing lighter-skinned women with loose curls as “black women” (2016) by Leila Noelliste 

For the love of God, stop telling mixed-race couples their kids will be cute (2017) by Miranda Larbi

Having mixed race kids doesn’t mean you’re woke (2017) by Miranda Larbi

Reimagining the Mixed Race Experience (2017) edited by Shades of Noir

Race, Health & Science:

Genes for Skin Color Rebut Dated Notions of Race, Researchers Say (2017) by Carl Zimmer

Jacqui Dyer: Talking about race and mental health is everyone’s business (2017) by Hélène Mulholland

What’s Killing America’s Black Infants? (2017) by Zoë Carpenter

Why are black Americans less affected by the opioid epidemic? Racism, probably. (2017) by German Lopez

Digital Racialisations:

“hair nah” is the video game version of “don’t touch my hair” (2017) by André-Naquian Wheeler

If you’re not a white male, artificial intelligence’s use in healthcare could be dangerous (2017) by Robert Hart

Rise of the racist robots: how AI is learning all of our worst impulses (2017) by Stephen Buranyi

Around the World:

14 Phenomenal Photos Reveal There Were Indeed Black Chinese People (2018) by Paco Taylor

Ashamed to be Australian’: Tourist’s outrage sparks Golliwog doll debate (2018) by Anna Hartley

Passive, poor and white? What people keep getting wrong about Appalachia (2018) by Elizabeth Catte


7 Books that teach kids about social justice and activism (2017) by Kayla Lattimore

7 Things black people want their well-meaning white friends to know (2018) by Erin Canty

26 Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism & Resistance

36 Books by Black Women Academics – 2017 edition

Afrispectives Platform

Another England

Black British Feminism: a Reader (1997) by Heidi Safia Mirza

Blind spots: Images of the Danish West Indies colony (2017) by Det KGL Bibliotek

Captivating Kids Stories To Recognize Privilege by Books for Littles

How well do you know your rights? (2016) by Sarah Lasoye

#IndigenousReads by Indigenous Writers: a Children’s Reading List (2017) by Medium

Life in Roman Britain (2016) by BBC Teach (UK only)

Micky Mouse Monopoloy: Disney, Childhood and Corporate Power (2001) by Robert Pettit

Representation (2013) Stuart Hall, Jessica Nixon and Sean Nixon (text book)*

Tips for moderators: Don’t be the barrier that prevents expression (2017) by E Tori

Volunteering Abroad? Read This Before You Post That Selfie (2017) by Malaka Gharib



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