The Mahoyo Project set to premier at Tempo later this week!


“Our project developed out of a longing to tell our own stories and a desire to define ourselves.” 

“You see the disparity but there’s a fighting spirit in people that is second to none.”

“If more positive stories come out of Africa as a continent it will hopefully help create a better understanding of each other.” 

“The best outcome of this project would be a growing movement against all stereotypes and norms.”

These are just a few of the powerful and thought provoking statements from the new documentary The Mahoyo Project  (2014). And that is only the trailer!

The film – which is set to premier at the Tempo Documentary Festival on the 5th March 2015 – follows Swedish creative feminist collective Mahoyo (ma and hoyo mean mother in Mandarin and Somalian respectively), as they make their way to Johannesburg, South Africa in order to establish meaningful connections through artistic initiatives and break down cultural barriers caused by stereotypes.

Mahoyo is formed of sisters MyNa and Pia, along with their childhood friend Farah. You can learn more about and/or support this inspiring and refreshing project as well as find out about full screenings here and watch the trailer below:


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