The Mahoyo Project (2014)

New documentary The Mahoyo Project (2014) is a fascinating and essential insight into the feminist, creative worlds of Stockholm, Sweden and Johannesburg, South Africa. The Mahoyo collective was first established by sisters MyNa and Pia, along with their childhood friend Farah. As described on the project’s website:

The Mahoyo Project is a documentary that follows Mahoyo, a Swedish creative trio as they embark on a cultural exchange – collaborating with local artists in the realms of the growing urban music, fashion and dance scene in Johannesburg. This is juxtaposed against Stockholm’s creative scene and characters. This story aims to break stereotypes of gender, race and location.”

The film will premier at the Tempo Documentary Festival on the 5th March 2015. You can learn more about and/or support this inspiring and refreshing project as well as find out about full screenings here and watch the trailer below:


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