Support the Exile Recipe Book Project!


via the Exile Recipe Book Indiegogo page.

The Exile Recipe Book is a de-colonial project intended to raise awareness and share the perspective of communities of colour living in Europe, while exploring their ancestral roots as well as the conflict and trauma they have survived. In this particular case, the socio-political context is descendents of indentured workers from India, taken to South Africa in the 19th century to work on sugarcane plantations. Years later in the 1970s, certain families migrated to Denmark in exile from South Africa’s apartheid system. The project offers to “celebrate these relationships and to reflect the poetics of politics and love through food”, in addition to contributing to non-whte discourses on racism, migration and belonging in Europe, by collecting stories and recipes in order to present them in the form of a book and/or documentary.

You can read about the project in full, get regular updates and support it financially via its Indiegogo page. ERIF will also be following the progress of this project as we are very interested to see the outcome and of course potentially collaborate in the future, so you can also check our website for updates in the future.


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