Map of Animated Films


We know that the Hollywood film industry can be rather problematic and exclusive (e.g. Exodus: Gods and Kings), but have you ever wondered how representative animated films are? Martin Vargic of Halycon Maps has drawn up the above map (click here for a better view) to illustrate the geographical locations of animated classics and surprise, surprise many of these films have been based in either North America or Europe. While this shouldn’t necessarily be a shock, it can do a lot to explain world-view biases and cultural imperialism, especially of you consider that just four films based in South America and only seven based in Africa – out of a total of 124 films. Furthermore, considering the ethnic over-simplification and stereotypes often used in animated films, parents and educator may seemingly feel as though they are out of positive options to expose children to. Of course, there are plenty of lesser known alternatives from across the globe, as well as literature on how to talk to children about racism and/or sexism when they encounter it, be that in real life or on screen. ERIF strives to provide alternatives and tools such as these, however if you have any suggestions that you’d like to share with our community, please do so in the comment section. If/when we come across something especially useful, we’ll re-share on the website!


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