Bino & Fino – An African Kids Cartoon Series

As you all know alongside challenging and dismantling racist imagery, ERIF is always seeking out examples of resistance, which illustrate cultural diversity and complexity. Recently, we became aware of the fantastic Bino & Fino cartoon series, which is dubbed by production company EVCL as “A wonderful African children’s educational cartoon show”.

Episodes have been available via the series’ Youtube channel for a while and now you can purchase the first series on DVD here. You can also watch a clip below for a taster of what Bino & Fino have in store for you and your family, and let us know what you thought in the comments section!

If you’ve been looking positive and educational images for your child(ren) of colour and enjoyed the above clip, stay tuned and/or sign up here for more news later this year for the series 2 DVD of Bino & Fino.


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