Mohrenkopf im Weissenhof

Mohrenkopf im Weissenhof

Racism in stop and search (or stop and frisk) policies are well known across Europe but it can be difficult to engage in a public and balanced conversation on how to solve this issue. It can be even harder for both men and women of colour to express their experiences and have them be taken at face value. However, one man is attempting change that and make people listen.

From Kenyan-Swiss writer Mohamed Wa Baile comes this play about the racial dynamics of modern-day Switzerland. In the play, Wa Baile portrays a man who is stopped and searched by police on a train, simply for being black. The writer explains that for Swiss people of colour this is a common issue, going on to say that: “Out of ​​my experiences, I’ve made a play “Mohrenkopf im Weissenhof” (Moorkoppen)…The main actor challenges the police officers and refuses to show his ID; as a result he’s taken out of the train for further questioning. At the end of the play, audience are invited to comment and discuss the play.”

The play will be going on tour throughout Switzerland and possibly the rest of Europe in the near future, so we will keep you posted when we know more. In the meantime, you can view the trailer below and/or keep up to date on Wa Baile’s activities and projects via his Facebook page.


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