Strolling and Flâner by Cecile Emeke


The web has already been buzzing about London-born film-maker  Cecile Emeke due to the launch of her evocative web-series Ackee & Saltfish. And now there is even more reason to take note of her work since she launched her new France-based docu-series “Flâner“. The basic concept of the series is Emeke wandering around with individuals discussing topics such as race, identity and belonging.

Flâner is the French counterpart and second season to Emeke’s first doco-series “strolling” which was available from April 2014. The overall project’s main objective is: “connecting the scattered stories of the African/Black diaspora” from perceptive and articulate individuals. Both series provide an important appreciate for alternative and non-white views of society at a time when these very views continue to be marginalised within many mainstream platforms.

You can watch the first episode of Strolling and the most recent episode of Flâner (published roughly a year apart) below:






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