Afro Punk Festival Paris!!!

If you’re looking for something to do the weekend of the 23rd – 24th May and are hoping to escape the madness that is Eurovision, fear not! There is still time for you to purchase your ticket for Afro Punk festival, which will be hosted in Paris.

Afro Punk is an initiative that began in New York in order to promote punk culture and music within non-white communities, since mainstream punk tended to ignore significant contributions made to alternative genres from black and brown individuals. Based on the core value of inclusivity (race, gender, sexuality, ability, etc), the Afro Punk movement is much more than a festival; it has been a lifeline for alternative people of colour across the globe in its endless promotion of anti-racist discourse as well as positive and inspirational encouragement of alternative, non-white art forms, cultural innovation and modes of expression. In short, such a festival has never been more welcome in Europe!


If you cannot make it to Paris this month, fret not, for Afro Punk’s original Brooklyn-based edition will take place in late August so start planning and prepping now! Check out all the necessary details here! Should any of the ERIF team make it to either festival, we will fill you in on all of the juicy music, art and fashion details. Let us know if you also make it to one of the festivals and tell us about your experiences while there.



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