Medieval People of Colour Blog

Bamberg Apocalypse

Check out this amazing blog “Medieval People of Color” which aims to draw attention to black and brown people’s presence in Europe through the promotion of ancient and medieval artwork.  As stated on the blog’s Mission Statement page:

“All too often, these works go unseen in museums, Art History classes, online galleries, and other venues because of retroactive whitewashing of Medieval Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia…My purpose in creating this blog is to address common misconceptions that People of Color did not exist in Europe before the Enlightenment, and to emphasize the cognitive dissonance in the way this is reflected in media produced today.”

The blog has so far curated pieces dating back as early as the 1100s BC and is a fantastic educational resource for kids and adults alike, looking for a more honest portrayal of European social history. Go check it out and share it today!



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