Hey there Folks! Start off your week by joining the call for support to get film Dear White People screened in cinemas across the UK this year.

The moving and intelligent film by newcomer Justin Simien explores institutional racism and white privilege within academic settings as well as the politics and interplay of black media and racist stereotyping. Needless to say the film provided refreshing insights and alternative representations of people of color.

Despite the overall critical acclaim the film has received since its release last year, the BFI has refused to support the New Black Film Collective in distributing the film in the UK. Additionally, no single cinema in the UK has signed up to screen the film for the standard 7 day run when it opens on the UK on the 10h July. This is why the film needs your support!

You our can find out more about the campaign and lend your support via the petition, available here. Be sure to share the petition and support the film if and when it plays at a cinema near you. It is worth the watch!

Peace ❤


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