PETITION: Request BBC use the correct term “Refugee Crisis” instead of “Migrant Crisis”


Following Al Jazeera’s recent bold decision to stop using the term “migrants” to refer to people trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe, a petition has been launched on to ask the BBC to refrain from using the same term and instead use “refugee”.

Al Jazeera cited the term “migrant” as an “inaccurate umbrella term” for a “complex story” and preferred “refugee” as a better way to give back a voice to the families and individuals risking their lives. Meanwhile, the petition is asking the BBC to refer to the situation as a “refugee crisis” due to the difference between the definitions for migrant and refugee, as well as how this can be directly linked to finding a solution. It is safe to say in both cases, a plea is made to media outlets to work harder to humanise Mediterranean victims and survivors, who are too often viewed as a nuisance and used as currency in political debates.

You can find out more about the petition, as well as sign it and share it here.


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