Let Us Now Praise the Roma exhibition in Birmingham, AL

If you will be in and/or around Birmingham, Alabama any time between now and the 27th September, you should stop by the Civil Rights Institute to catch the current Odessa Woolfolk Gallery exhibition by Karen Graffeo on the Roma of Eastern and Southern Europe. The heartbreaking photographs (from 2012 to present) show individuals and families in their homes, illustrating typical and contemporary standards of living for people of Roma descent.

“Now Let Us Praise the Roma” banner outside the Civil Rights Institute.

Of course, the museum which captures the horrors and triumphs of the civil rights period in the US south is reason enough to go to the institute. However, the current exhibition reminds us of the pervasiveness of racialisation and discrimination, especially within Europe. You can read more about Graffeo’s ongoing artistic work here and well as sign a petition against the persistent persecution of Roma people in Europe and across the world here.


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