Framer Framed presents “Ancestral Blues” in Amsterdam!


There is still time to visit the art exhibition  Ancestral Blues currently at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam-Noord, presented by Framer Framed.  If you’re wondering what it’s all about, we already checked it out to provide you with verification that it’s worth taking the time to go over and see it.

At first the exhibit is a little confusing however the more time you spend there and the more rounds you make, seemingly, the more sense the collections make. Exploring themes as numerous as spirituality, sexuality, heritage, colonialism, consumption and capitalism – to name a few – the exhibit came across at times as very literal and always provocative.

Following a very impressive and sincere series of opening speeches and performances, all of the artists (Amanda Koelman,  Antonio Guzman, Femi Dawkins, Fleur Ouwerkerk, Raquel van Haver and Raul Balai) who had contributed to the series were willing to circulate and chat with visitors about their work and inspirations.

In all, the event provided an apt opportunity for critical and artistic minds to network in Amsterdam as well as discuss and admire the work.

You can find more information about the exhibit – which has free attendance – until the 11th October here.


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