Too black to be French? (2015)


Trop noir pour être Français? (Too black to be French?) is the 2015 documentary from French-Ivorian screen-writer and film director Isabelle Boni-Claverie.

Motivated following racist remarks made by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 2010, Boni-Claverie collected statements made by black French citizens in response to the statement “You know you’re black when…”  to form part of the project. The documentary addresses Boni-Claverie’s own family history as well as issues around race, identity and belonging in 21st century France. Furthermore, the film explores the ugly history of the European exploration, colonialism and racism and how this has fed into present-day notions of nationalism and racial categorisations, through interviews with scholars such as Éric Fassin*.

Watch a clip from the documentary below and see purchasing options for the full film here.

*More info on the background and commentary of the project here.


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