Help Bino & Fino make it to Brazil!


Our friends over at EVCL – creators of the instantly lovable Bino & Fino – had a very busy year in 2015 touring across Europe to showcase the pioneering cartoon, which features the dynamic duo as they learn about various African histories and cultures. Alongside collaborating with ERIF for our Parent Teacher symposium last November, the creators of Bino & Fino also launched a line of fantastic soft toys to compliment the popular cartoon series, which is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon! And now they plan to share the siblings with South America.

Read about EVCL’s quest below:

“Unfortunately, Brazil’s major media networks have long had a struggle with showing the diversity of the country’s population. Arguably those that suffer the most from the media’s neglect in representation are Brazil’s children. Most children in Brazil know little about their African heritage, African culture, history and the positive impact it has had in Brazil and the world. They are not taught about this in schools, in the books they read or the TV shows they watch. To help counteract this problem we want to produce a Brazilian Portuguese version of our popular educational African cartoon show Bino and Fino and make it available to view in Brazil and around the world for children to watch.”

You can check out more details on the campaign and make a donation to get Bino & Fino to Brazil here.


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