First look at Returning the Gaze: Stories of Resistance Programme!

Returning the gaze LOGO transparant

Now that the calls for contributions is closed, the ERIF team is currently hard at work reviewing all of the amazing and inspiring workshop and presentation proposals we recently received the conference so that the final programme can be announced by the end of June. In the meantime, check out this sneak-peek of how the programme is shaping up so far…

Becoming Afro-German exhibition by Karina Griffith

We are delighted to announce that we will be joined throughout the conference by filmmaker and scholar Karina Griffith. Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, Griffith is also curating  a moving-image series called Becoming Afro-German, which aims to explore “representations of fear and fantasy, often focussing on how they relate to the immigrant perspective.” Attendees will have time throughout both days of the conference to witness Griffith’s powerful and emotive collection as well as chat with the artist herself! Check out the best known, award-winning short film from Griffith’s forthcoming series Die Umzuege (which was also screened at Returning the Gaze: Blackface in Europe) below:


Two plays by Mohamed Wa Baile

Additionally, we have the great pleasure of announcing that Friday’s programme will conclude with a special performance combining elements of the Swiss plays Mohrenkopf im Weissenhof and Kein Volk von Schafen by scholar and activist Mohamed Wa Baile. An active campaigner against racial profiling and institutional discrimination in Switzerland, Wa Baile has written about Islamophobia, multiculturalism, racism and gender equality. We look forward to the discussions that will no doubt follow his performance. Check out the trailers for both of his plays below:

Need more info on the conference and can’t wait for the next update? Get in touch with the ERIF team at:


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