MMU Special Collections wants your zines!

Ever wanted to create a zine but never had the chance or didn’t know how? Already made a zine and want to share it with a broader audience? Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is offering zine-makers the exciting opportunity to contribute to their Special Collections series!

Explaining their project via their site, they state:

MMU Special Collections is at the forefront of collecting 20th and 21st century print, and we want to maintain that position. We have the largest publicly accessible collection of Artists’ Books outside of London and similarities can be drawn between the democratic intentions of pioneering book artists and the DIY ethos of zinesters. Both aimed to avoid mainstream methods of production, distribution and dissemination. 

Want to find an interesting way to channel your thoughts on a variety of social issues, critically return the gaze, disseminate knowledge as well as engage with various  communities? A zine can be the perfect way to do this, so find out more info and contact the MMU here.


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