“Stan Firm Inna Inglan” expo at Tate Britain

Heading to London this summer? Already based there and looking for things to do? Check out this amazing exhibit – Stan Firm Inna Inglan: Black Diaspora in London, 1960-70s – currently showing at the Tate Britain.

The official description of the expo states that:

The photographs reveal the many and varied experiences of individuals who travelled from the Caribbean region and West Africa to live in London, from everyday family life to political engagement. They show people as they respond to, react against and move beyond the racial tension and exclusion that were part of life for Black communities in the British capital. The title of the display, ‘Stan Firm inna Inglan’, is taken from the poem It Dread inna Inglan by Linton Kwesi Johnson, who in the 1970s gave a voice and poetic form to the Afro-Caribbean diaspora and its resistance in the face of racism.

The exhibition is available to view via the Tate’s main floor until the 19th November 2017. Find out full details here.



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