January Tool-Kit: Media Representations

Each month we will be posting a new digital tool-kit with reading materials and resources to aid in counter-movements and the enhancement of critical media literate and de-colonial perspectives. This month, we kick 2019 off by sharing various perspectives and analyses on  representations of people of colour in the media.

Black Panther: ‘Why people like me are refusing to be sub-plots’ (2018) via BBC

Casting “Crazy Rich Asians”: The privileges and pitfalls of being Eurasian (2017) by Louise Hung

Does Reality TV Have a Problem with Black Women? (2017) by Yomi Adegoki

The Handmaid’s Tale’s race problem (2017) by Ellen E Jones

The Harmful History of “Gypsy” (2017) by Jessica Reidy

It Doesn’t Matter That An Arab Will Play Aladdin (2017) by Khaled A Beydoun

Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’: When White directors tell Black stories (2017) by Touré

‘The Problem with Apu’ Trailer Asks: Is Apu From The Simpsons a Minstrel? (2017)
by Vulture

Stereotyping in the Media (blog) by Amanda Chandler

Typecast as a Terrorist (2016) by Riz Ahmed

What ‘Dear White People’ Gets Wrong About Africans (2017) by Arenike Adebajo

What do you see when you look at this cover? (2016) by Melissa Harris-Perry

What’s so hard about casting Indian actors in Indian roles? (2017) by Kevin Noble Maillard

Why does Hollywood keep churning out racist fantatsies like ‘Victoria & Abdul’? (2017) by Bilal Qureshi

Why the lack of Indian and African faces in Dunkirk matters (2017) by Sunny Singh

Zine queens: how women’s magazines found new life via indie publishing (2017) by Ruth Jamieson


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