March Tool-Kit: Digital Developments

Each month we will be posting a new digital tool-kit with reading materials and resources to aid in counter-movements and the enhancement of critical media literate and de-colonial perspectives. This month we share news of recent technological inventions that have been developed to combat racism as well as materials discussing how racist ideas inform the development of certain technologies. 


“hair nah” is the video game version of “don’t touch my hair” (2017) by André-Naquian Wheeler

If you’re not a white male, artificial intelligence’s use in healthcare could be dangerous (2017) by Robert Hart

The Most Sobering Thing About the Racial Dot Map (2018) by Libby Anne

The Racial Dot Map (2013) by The Demographics Research Group at the University of Virginia

Rise of the racist robots: how AI is learning all of our worst impulses (2017) by Stephen Buranyi

Young entrepreneur Kaya Thomas Created an app to find books by black authors (2017) by Eye Candy


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