April Tool-Kit: De-colonial Analyses

Each month we will be posting a new digital tool-kit with reading materials and resources to aid in counter-movements and the enhancement of critical media literate and de-colonial perspectives. This month, we offer some enriching and empowering de-colonial tools and essays for you to share and use yourself, too!


An Apology is Not Enough: Germany, Genocide and the Limits of Reparations for Namibia (2016) by Perivi John Katjavivi

Belonging: Navigating Artificial Borders (2017) edited by Shades of Noir 

Black Europe Body Politics: Toward an Afropean Decolonial Aesthetics (2013) by Alanna Lockward

Blind spots: Images of the Danish West Indies colony (2017) by Det KGL Bibliotek

CO-LAB – Afterlives of Slavery (2018) by the Research Centre for Material Culture

Decolonising Desire: The Politics of Love (2017) by Dalia Gebrial

The Literary Canon is Mostly White. Here’s an Alternative Latin American Reading List (2018) by Alejandra Oliva

Questions academics can ask to decolonise their classrooms (2018) by Shannon Morreira & Kathy Luckett

Stealing beauty: How much did Picasso’s paintings borrow from African art? (2006) by Andrew Meldrum

Stella McCartney did the most British thing ever: she stole from Africans (2017) by Kuchenga

Thinking Citizenship from the Vantage Point of the Dutch Caribbean (2017) by Sruti Bala

Weak Tea (2017) by The Palace of the Dogs

What Europe Might Have Looked Like If It Had Been Colonised (2017) by Frank Jacobs

What if we let it up to Arab artists to be the ones to tell their (hi)story? (2017) by Mohamed Sqalli




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