September Tool-Kit: Children’s Imagery & Narratives

Each month we will be posting a new digital tool-kit with reading materials and resources to aid in counter-movements and the enhancement of critical media literate and de-colonial perspectives. This month, we have a kids’ back-to-school special, sharing imagery and discourses specifically for children (of colour)! You can find both empowering representations and narratives, as well as tools to combat and/or explain dehumanising media. Allies can also find some useful pointers in certain links for materials on privilege of racial bias for white kids.  

7 Books that teach kids about social justice and activism (2017) by Kayla Lattimore

9 Things parents do everyday that perpetuate racism (2017) by Priscilla Blossom

10 Painfully racist moments in Disney movies they want you to forget (2017) by Screen Rant

26 Children’s Books to Support Conversations of Race, Racism & Resistance (2017) by Embrace Race Blog

28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball (2018) by Scott Woods Makes Lists

70+ Picture Books about Mixed Race Families (2016) by Colours of Us

1899: An ABC for Baby Patriots (2017) by Mashable

Author Sharna Jackson: Bringing Diversity into Children’s Books (2019) by Rebecca Thomas

Babar the Elephant: Racism, Sexism, and Privilege in Children’s Stories (2018) by Raoul Wieland

Black Power: 17 Children’s Books on Black Activists, Innovators, and Scholars Who Changed History (2018) by The Conscious Kid Library

Captivating Kids Stories To Recognize Privilege by Books for Littles

Children’s book helps Afro-Brazilians reclaim heritage (2019) by Erin White

The Enduring Legacy of Disney’s Black Millennial Classic ‘A Goofy Movie’ (2017) by Austin Williams 

Feest voor alle kinderen (2019) Nederland Wordt Beter

‘Het wordt tijd dat de wereld inziet dat Afrika meer is dan steppes en giraffes’ (2018) by Maurits De Bruijn

How to combat racial bias: Start in childhood (2017) by Gail Heyman

#IndigenousReads by Indigenous Writers: a Children’s Reading List (2017) by Medium

Life in Roman Britain (2016) by BBC Teach (UK only)

The Literary Canon is Mostly White. Here’s an Alternative Latin American Reading List (2018) by Alejandra Oliva

Micky Mouse Monopoloy: Disney, Childhood and Corporate Power (2001) by Robert Pettit

Parenting in an uncertain age series (2018) by The Atlantic

Picture This: Diversity in Children’s Books 2018 Infographic (2019) by Sarah Park Dahlen

Representation Matters: 35 Black Kids TV Shows You Can Watch Right Now (2019) Tonya Abari

Surinaamse schrijfster brengt boek uit over de acceptatie van kroeshaar (2019) by Dag Online

Sweet Blackberry Foundation

The True Story Behind ‘The Lion King’ (2019) by Kellie Carter Jackson

“You can’t do that! Stories have to be about White people!” (2013) by Darren Chetty


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