November Tool-Kit: Understanding Blackface

Each month we will be posting a new digital tool-kit with reading materials and resources to aid in counter-movements and the enhancement of critical media literate and de-colonial perspectives. This month, as the Netherlands gears up for another Sinterklaas period, we reflect on global blackface practices and how they contribute towards political anti-blackness. We also address other forms of racialised mimicry, such as brownface, at the same time as making room for the amplification of anti-blackface movements, taking place all over the world.  


A Crash Course On Blackface For Those Committed To Understanding Racism (2018) by Shadow and Act

A Reasonable Alternative to Zwarte Piet (2013) by Patricia Schor

‘Ashamed to be Australian’: Tourist’s outrage sparks Golliwog doll debate (2018) by Anna Hartley

Blackface and anti-Blackness in Bollywood – an endemic problem (2019) by Dhruva Balram

Cameron and the morris dancers: a sign of our nationalistic mood (2014) by Lola Okolasie 

Feest voor alle kinderen (2019) Nederland Wordt Beter

The Golliwog Caricature (2000) by David Pilgrim

Golliwog dolls still for sale at Candy Time lolly shop at Westfield Carindale in Brisbane (2017) by Brian Bennion 

Hard Pass: Jeremy Saville’s Loqueesha panned as modern-day minstrel ‘comedy’ (2019) by Aliya Semper Ewing

How Blackface Feeds White Supremacy (2019) by Brent Staples 

How do non-native residents of the Netherlands view Zwarte Piet, St. Nicholas’ blackface servant (2018) by Tori Egherman 

Like the Golliwog, Zwarte Piet is a racist relic, so why is it a part of the modern Dutch Christmas? (2012) by Bel Parnell-Berry and Karlijn Volke 

Sikhs call headpiece sold by Gucci disrespectful mimicry (2019) by Scarlett Conlon

Sinterklaas Brand & Product study 2019: Smudged Cheeks and Middle Fingers (2019) by ERIF

Sinterklaas is the ultimate middle finger to multiculturalism (2018) by Bel Parnell-Berry 

Why Golliwog wars are important (2011) by Lee Jasper


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