ERIF Parent Teacher Symposium – Reviews!

Two weeks ago we hosted our first ever Parent Teacher Symposium and it was a true success! From wonderful workshops to passionate parents and concerned teachers the day was full of numerous perspectives and fresh inspiration to work together in order to combat racist imagery and research for, as well as create, more inclusive imagery and narratives for children.

We could go on about it but we’d rather the participants tell you in their own words. Here is what some of our attendees had to say about their experiences and the event:


I am involved with this subject in my daily life. I have 2 daughters; one is six and the other is eleven years old. I am always looking for movies and books, but also school materials that mirrors their appearance. My thoughts were, when I received this mail, that I had to go.

I really liked the workshops; they were really interactive and I was especially enthusiastic about the speech of Adamu.   I am going to approach him. Overall I found the event very positive.


The reason why I came to this event is because I am 8 months pregnant and I want to show my daughter movies, books, etc. in which she can recognize herself.

My favourite moment of today was the reactions of the children to Bino & Fino. They really really liked it and even I learnt from one episode, so the children are learning a lot from it. It was a really beautiful day, everybody was happy. 


I liked the event. It felt good, I felt at home and the children really liked it.


I found the event very informative and I really like that they made a cartoon in which our children can identify themselves with and my niece, who participated, with the workshop also really liked it. I am leaving with a good feeling.

Senami and Mahutin

I just love how everybody is just open and together. The workshops, listening and watching. A full diverse programme.

I liked that you touched something that is missing in this society for young children to grow up. Amsterdam is a multicultural place and events like this are so necessary and there aren’t enough. So I find it very important that events like this happen. That you also can connect with other parents and people who find it important.  


As an educator, artist and activist – it is also truly good for me to see what is happening in Africa. Meeting people from, like for instance from England. For me it is just great to see all the parents wanting this and I wish that there were more of it because it really is giving people options to the racism that they come under within the public education.

So as far as that you guys got it covered, but now everybody wants more and as an educator it was a great opportunity to do just that and to also work with kids and parents who are giving them alternatives and ways of using art as well within their life and school.


It is amazing and I wish that I had brought my son. I think it was great to find creative ways when you work with your kids, talk to your kids how to approach topics. That is what I liked about today.


I loved the event. I liked the way it was both family and adult friendly and it had elements to keep everybody interested.  And you also learned something. So there was also variety. That’s what I loved about it. And you also got information to help you move forward. That was what I liked about it.

Also check out some photos from the event in the gallery below…


Registration for ERIF’s Parent Teacher Symposium OPEN!!!

Bino and Fino

Bino and Fino, courtesy of EVCL TV.

Good morning fam!

Registration for ERIF’s long awaited Parent Teacher Symposium is now open! Our event (in collaboration with the Amsterdam Theatre Group Munganga and the Lagos based EVCL TV) will take place on Saturday 21st November and aims to provide a platform for parents and teachers to share their experiences dealing with racist imagery that is targeted at children, such as television shows, books, toys and food packaging. We hope to use this opportunity to develop meaningful methods of communication as well as realistic alternatives.

While this event is primarily geared towards parents and teachers, children are welcome to attend and join in on the activities. The key purpose of the day will be for all participants to walk away with a new network and new found confidence to challenge racist and harmful imagery as well as inspire new options for the future.

The event will feature a screening of the Nigerian children’s series Bino & Fino, an arts and crafts activity as well as a drama workshop. Entry is upon a donation basis.

See the full programme below and sign up to reserve your place on Eventbrite here.

9:45 – Doors open

10:00 – Welcome and Introduction by ERIF

10:10 – Screening of Bino & Fino

10:20 – Q&A Session with co-founder and creative director behind Bino & Fino, Adamu Waziri

11:00 – “Show me… ACCEPTANCE!” drama workshop with actress, writer and educator, Anni Domingo

This workshop will by guided by veteran actress Anni Domingo help participants to learn how to communicate with each other in order to “build” a picture of acceptance. Wear comfortable clothes and prepare to express yourself! 

11:55 – “Sint You Want: 21st century Sint & Piet” pop-up/drawing table with artist, activist and educator, G. Holwerda

Prof. Holwerda will lead parents, teachers and kids (3-12 years) to “redraw” and create their own new “Piet” and/or “Sint” characters. These “Piet” and “Sint” drawings will also be turned into “pop-ups”.

12:50 – Closing remarks, resources and farewells by ERIF.

NB: This event is targeted towards parents and teachers of children at primary school age only. If you intend to bring children with you for the event or have any questions about your registration, please email ERIF directly at  

ERIF is looking for funding!

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 19.49.33

ERIF is always looking for funds to make events happen! Sadly, however, funding organizations are often unwilling to help us out. Like much of mainstream society, conventional donors tend to see European societies as post-racial. Contemporary racism and stereotypical racist imagery remain issues many choose to ignore and downplay.

For this reason, ERIF looks for alternative ways to find money for our projects. Mostly, we have to rely on the generosity of members of the public who understand, care and know the importance of what we are doing.

We therefore ask you all to visit and share our ongoing Indigogo crowdfunding campaign! It would be fantastic if you can make a contribution yourself or help us connect with others (individuals and organizations) who might be willing -and able- to fund our campaigns! Be sure to also visit (and refer to) our donation page on the website to find out how to donate directly and how certain tax-breaks may apply!

So please get the word out, make some noise and together we can make sure ERIF will get the funding it needs!

SURVEY: Airport security and profiling project.

Happy Monday Folks!

Hope you had a nice, relaxed weekend and are energized for the week ahead.

ERIF is starting a new project to enhance our understandings of ethnic profiling on an international level. The first part of this project is the survey below, which will aid us in examining airport security tactics. Please complete and share the survey to let us know about your experiences. You can find the survey here.

A full report of the responses will follow and all responses will be kept anonymous.

ERIF Parent / Teacher Event

Bino and Fino

Bino and Fino

ERIF’s first official Parent / Teacher event will be happening very soon. We can now confirm that this event will take place in Amsterdam at the Theatre Munganga on Saturday 21st November.

While the exact programme and time is yet to be confirmed we are super excited by developments so far. Most exciting of all, we will be collaborating with the creators of Nigerian cartoon series Bino & Fino in order to bring you an event that is kid friendly at the same time as challenging stereotypes and exploring alternative, diverse imagery for the future generations.

Check back here for more programme information and to sign up for the event soon!!!


Help ERIF Design a Logo!

As we are a fairly new foundation, ERIF is still in the process of finding our identity as well as our place among our fellow campaign groups. A large part of this process is designing a logo for ERIF.

The best logos are immediately communicative of an organisation’s narrative and ideals to a diverse audience. ERIF has thus far positioned itself as largely collaborating and facilitating existing campaigners and intellectuals, with specific regard for discussions on racialisation through imagery. Ensuring that we provide platforms for discussions and criticism for our network is at the heart of what we do, which is why we are reaching out to you. We want to get a better feel for how you see us in order to make our mission – the promotion of anti-racist and de-colonial discourses – more tangible to the public.

Thus, we would like to invite you all to make submissions to our logo moodboard. You can do this by emailing words, phrases and (of course) images directly to ERIF ( for us to consider as we work on the perfect design. You can read up on ERIF’s aims and objectives for inspiration via our manifesto, which is found here.

We can’t wait to receive all of your suggestions!

Best Wishes,
The ERIF Team :o)