TedX Talk on literature and imagery for kids


Kahya Engler speaking at the Returning the Gaze: Blackface in Europe conference, in 2014.

Check out this mini crash course in media literacy from friend of ERIF, Kahya Engler. As part of the TedX talks series, Kahya discusses her crusade to find diverse imagery and literature for her son as well as campaigning against racist portrayals of people of colour in children’s media. Core to her message is ultimate the importance for all children to be able to see and read positive, honest representations of themselves.

You can see her full talk below:


Decolonial Aesthetics by Alanna Lockward (2012)

Happy Monday folks!

Start your week (and month!) off with this inspiring and re-energising lecture by Alanna Lockward of the BE.BOP. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS project in Berlin. Below, Lockward discusses decolonial approaches to analysing aesthetics as well as the intentional obscurantism surrounding non-white and/or non-European histories and artist movements. The lecture was the keynote talk of a series of events organised by the Framer Framed platform, based in the Netherlands.


REMINDER: Black Portraiture[s] II is coming VERY soon!

The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice

Hello folks! Just a quick reminder that the Black Portraiture[s] II conference is coming to Florence, Italy NEXT WEEKEND!!! Check out the details here.

If you were already planning to attend or are seriously considering it, to help get you ready, we’re sharing with you one of the lectures from last year (see below), featuring Alanna Lockward of the BE.BOP. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS, based in Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin.

In attendance this year will be our friends from the Digital Diapora Family Reunion project, so be sure to look out for them and the screening of their film Through a Lens Darkly (2014).

Enjoy the clip and the conference and if you’re lucky enough to attend, don’t forget to share your experience with us. Take care!