RtG II: Livestream

Returning the gaze LOGO transparant

Can’t make the Returning the Gaze II: Stories of Resistance conference in person? We will be livestreaming parts of the programme so that you can participate digitally. You will be able to watch the presentations, listen to the discussions and also follow/join the conversations via Twitter using the hashtags: #RTG2 #ERIF and #StoriesofResistance

Find the full programme here and click onto this link to access the livestream, which will be active throughout the conference!

Enjoy! ❤

Instructions and requirements for playing livestreams

Depending on your device, network connection, operating system and browser live streams may not be playable on your device. Please make sure you have a steady and strong network connection and to regularly update your device and browser. For playing live streams we recommend the following combinations of browsers and operating systems/devices:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Windows 7, Linux operating systems
  • Google Chrome: Windows 7, Windows 10, mobile devices with Android OS
  • Windows Internet Explorer: Windows 7
  • Windows Edge: Windows 10
  • Apple Safari: Apple Desktop Calculator, also for all iPhones and iPads
  • Android Browser: mobile devices with Android OS

This information is subject to change. Depending on the state of your device or its configuration these recommendations can differ. Please also note that to play the live stream the necessary browser plugins (f.i. Adobe Flash Player) are to be installed on your device.