Online Course

“I´m not interested in which images are ´positive´ and ´negative´ but rather in the familiar and oft-utilized scenarios that make us think what we are seeing is ‘real’.”

– Elizabeth Alexander

We can now announce that our first online course will be launched later this month on the 25th January! This first course Visual Culture: Imagery and the Body will explore what it means to be human, representations of the body as well as what constitutes visual culture.

Using a collective learning approach, the purpose of this course is to enable participants to become more media literate and critical when encountering certain imagery and/or discourses. Class participants will work within an entirely online environment in order to receive assignments, submit work and discuss topics with their class mates. In terms of the course content, participants can expect to use online resources to search for materials related to pop culture(s) and read theory-related texts which are themed week-by-week.

The course is totally free of charge and will last a total of 6 weeks.

Interested? You can find out more as well as register and reserve your place right now by emailing ERIF at

Once successfully registered, you will receive all the necessary details to access the online space and download the reading materials. Hurry, spaces are limited to a max of 20 so get in touch soon to reserve your spot!




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