Stage Play

Weisser Peter by Mohamed Wa Baile
Mohrenkopf im Weissenhof

Scene from Mohrenkopf im Weissenhof.

In Weisser Peter (White Peter), Mohamed Wa Baile combines his plays Mohrenkopf in Weissenhof (Moorhead in Weissenhof) and Kein Volk von Schafen (No People of Sheep). His first piece Mohrenkopf in Weissenhof deals with the issue of racial profiling by the police. Kein Volk von Schafen is about a man’s search for identity.

The man is stop and searched regularly by police. Meanwhile, he refuses to show his residence permit. Now he wants to become naturalized and no longer be regarded as a stranger. Will his citizenship privileges be recognized and will he no longer bear the label “migrant”? Weisser Peter promises a memorable evening of theater about invisible racism and unearned white privilege.

Afterwards, the public will debate racial profiling: what does it mean to be checked by the police, time and again, because of the way you look?

Mohamed Wa Baile is an activist, scholar and playwright based in Switzerland of Kenyan descent. He gained his BA in Islamic Studies from the University of Berne and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. He also holds a Masters in Peace and Conflict Transformation from the University of Basel, which culminated in his 2011 book Beyond the Clash of Civilizations: A New Cultural Synthesis for Muslims in the West.

While his acclaimed plays have dealt with issues around police brutality, belonging and identity in Europe, his activism also challenges frequent racial profiling by authorities in Switzerland, in addition to the injustices inherent in the law enforcement and courts system. He was a key organiser of the Swiss Week Against Racism and is due to publish intersectional works that address gender inequalities in the coming months.