RtG II: Registration

Returning the gaze LOGO transparant
we are very happy to announce that You can now register for the conference via eventbrite as well as purchase tickets for the play that will accompany the conference (Click HERE). registration will be open right up until the event. If you have any questions about registration, please contact us at info@erifonline.org

NB: We have a three tiered ticket system, which means the earlier you by tickets, the cheaper they are. There are regular tickets, Early Bird tickets and First release Early Bird tickets. Cheapest are the First release Early Bird tickets, on sale now until the 31st of July. Then there are the Early Bird tickets, which will be on sale from the 1st until the 31st of August. From the 1st of September, finally, the regular tickets will go on sale.

Prices are as follows:

First release Early Bird

1 day             € 7,50

1 day with lunch        € 12,50

2 days            € 15,00

2 days with lunch    € 25,00

Early Bird

1 day             € 10,00

1 day with lunch        € 15,00

2 days            € 20,00

2 days with lunch    € 30,00


1 day             € 15,00

1 day with lunch        € 20,00

2 days            € 30,00

2 days with lunch    € 35,00