Quotes of Resistance

As a follow up to our 2016 Returning the Gaze II: Stories of Resistance (RtGII) event at the University of Innsbruck, we have launched our Quotes of Resistance (#QoRxERIF) project, which spotlights and shares the narratives and strategies of the conference.

This is both a social media campaign and a set of printed postcards that amplify antiracist voices in contemporary Europe. This project materialises our commitment to diffuse, valorise and archive antiracist efforts and stories of resistance.

The conference brought together scholars, artists, activists and concerned people in order to confront the issues of visual and rhetorical racism throughout Europe and encourage the building of new networks and alliances in the fight against racial discrimination.

One of the main lessons that we carried away from the conference was the need to amplify the voices, experiences and exchanges that took place, beyond the event in Innsbruck. Quotes of Resistance makes the content of RTGII accessible to a broader audience and functions as a form of archiving that intensifies the knowledge of and continuous engagement with  anti-racist efforts in a European context, where minoritised peoples’ stories of resistance remain poorly archived and valued. QoR is a proposition to remedy how mainstream anti-racism neglects the histories, views and creativity of people of colour.

Quotes of resistance was funded by ENAR, allowing us to work with Burobraak Social Design in order to conceptualise, design and produce the cards. We would also like to thank Jenny Oliveira Caldas for her curational support and Yasmeen Chaudry for her invaluable ideas and assistance in conceiving the social media campaign.

To find out more about the campaign, check our Instagram as well as QoR’s landing page.