Donation Tax Breaks

Single Donations

Our PBO/ANBI status means that, under Dutch law, donating to us means certain tax breaks are applicable in many cases. You can do this via your annual Dutch tax declaration. If you also donate to other ANBI’s at the same time, you can add up all your donations and deduct them together if this amounts to more than 1% of your taxable income. Both individuals as well as organizations can make use of this possibility. To find out more about donating to an ANBI, you can also visit the Dutch tax office site and/or

Structural Periodical Donations

If you, or your organization wish to structurally sponsor us, you can make use of a periodical donation using a donation agreement. This way your donation will yield extra tax breaks.

Structural, periodical, donations to our foundation can as a whole be deducted from your income tax if you make a donation to the foundation for a fixed period of at least 5 continuous years and you have this registered with us, by using a donation agreement. This means the Dutch tax office will pay a considerable portion of the donation for you (this does depend on how much income tax you are supposed to pay, for precise stipulations regarding periodical donations, please see here or ask us about it).

From 2014, a periodical donation can be deducted from your income tax without notarization. Instead, you can have a donation agreement with the foundation itself. This can be arranges easily, is free of charge, and there is no minimum amount required.

If you choose to have a donation agreement with us, you can download the form here and/or contact us for further information. You can fill out the form and sign it, print and scan it and e-mail it to us. You can also send it by regular mail in duplicate. As confirmation you will receive one signed copy back from us, provided with a unique code. The agreement and the code are needed when you fill out your income tax forms. The tax inspector might ask for them.

Please note: If you have a partner (officially registered/married) then both parties will have to sign the donation agreement for it to be valid!


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