RtG II: Programme

Returning the Gaze II: Stories of Resistance – full Programme (4-5 November 2016)

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Film Screening (3rd November at 19h30)

Too Black to be French? by Isabelle Boni-Claverie at the University of Innsbruck. Email info@erifonline.org to reserve your seat!

Keynote Lecture

Contesting the Visualisations of Gaza by Dr. Anandi Ramamurthy, Reader in Post/Colonial Cultures at Sheffield Hallam University

Art Installation

Becoming Afro German by Karina Griffith, filmmaker and PhD candidate at the University of Toronto

Presentation Sessions
Gaze Politics

Chaired by Ulla Ratheiser and María Teresa Herrera Vivar

How can minority groups resist to their constant exposure to the racist gaze?  How do processes of othering non-white individuals lead to material consequences that restrict movement and social progress? The presentations address the struggle for minority groups across Europe to have their pasts, present and futures self-determined.

Mo Diener, Sophie Pagliai and Mustafa Asan (Roma Jam Session Art Kollektiv) – Becoming Roma / Roma Becoming(s) with installation: Roma 1 Manifest Innsbruck (Roma Jam Session Art Kollektiv) 

Praveen Sewgobind (Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanism, Potsdam University) – Demasking Black Pete: Resisting Colonial Amnesia in the Netherlands

Ariane de Waal (University of Innsbruck) – Mind the Gaze: Policing the Travelling Other in the 21st-Century Terror City

Christoph Herms (Humboldt Universität Berlin) – Making the trap visible: Investigative Resistance Against Fortress Europe

Yasmeen Chaudhry and Ines El-Shikh – Multicultural Muslim Identity in Francophone Europe: A North African and South Asian Diasporas Perspective

Racialised Circulations 

Chaired by Karina Griffith

How does race mute and move? And how do racialised circulations affect our strategies and underground spaces of resistance? This panel’s presentations explore the global trafficking of certain racist ideas as well as anti-racist strategies and how they manifest in various settings.

Joao da Mata – The Cheapest Meat on the Market is My Black Meat: Brazilian Juvenile, Racism and Selective Enforcement

Niki Kubaczek and Sheri Avraham – Harriet Tubman and the Undercommons

Strategies and Campaigns

Chaired by Bel Parnell-Berry

How do racially charged stereotypical ideas of non-white groups directly inform law enforcement practices? The presentations in this panel introduce audiences to ongoing campaigns and demonstrations taking place in Sweden and Switzerland against racial profiling, racist policing and the connections between targeting minority groups and imagery.

Mohamed Wa Baile – Alliance against Racial Profiling in Switzerland

Gloria Holwerda – InterNational Anti-Racism Group

Technologies of Blackness

Chaired by Sibylle Baumbach

The “Eye” is not the only instance that produces blackness and anti-blackness. Which multifarious technologies  materialize blackness? Which ones of our senses do they interpellate?  These presentations analyse the digitalisation of blackness in gaming culture as well as through the dubbing of mainstream films.

Karina Griffith (University of Toronto) and Bel Parnell-Berry (ERIF) – A Conversation About Becoming…

Julian Warner (Institute of Cultural Anthropology, Göttingen University) – Black Sounds/Sounds Black: Dubbing Black Actors and the Embodied Knowledge of the Voice Actor

Performances, counter-narratives and resistance

Chaired by Jovita Dos Santos Pinto

How can literary and artistic practices counter the heteronormativity and racism? More specifically, how do self-narration, self-representation and self-staging forge a space for minoritized queer of color and Afroeuropean subjects? The speakers in this session explore how art is used in anti-racist movements to establish testaments of identity and protestations.  

Melanie Petremont and Pamela Ohene-Nyako (Collectif Afro-Swiss and PostCit) – Literary Art and Performance as Counter-Narratives in Afropean Resistance

Rena Onat (Braunschweig University of Arts) and Raju Rage – Alternative Archives, Self Representations as Counternarratives – Queer of Colour Visibilities and Opacities in Art

Decolonising the Classroom

Chaired by Jovita Dos Santos Pinto

As knowledge is power, schools are terrain of struggle. Whose knowledge, experience and body are constructed as worthy within  schools? Step into the classroom for this session, which addresses how students and teachers alike can improve their awareness and sensitivity to ensure a safe space for students and teachers of colour in Europe’s institutions of education.

Anna Chrusciel (Instutute for Art Education, ZHdK, Zurich) and Markus Schega (Nürtingen Grundschule Berlin) – Beyond the School-Zone

Jenny Oliveira Caldas (Freie Universität, Berlin) – A Phenomenological Description of Bodily Resistance in the Seminar Room

Interactive Workshops

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Noémi Michel, Melanie Petremont and Pamela Ohene-Nyako (Collectif Afro Swiss and PostCit) – Fighting Racist and Gendered Imagery with Black Feminism

Anandi Ramamurthy – Kala Tara: The Asian Youth Movements in Britain

Arjan Braaksma – Using Design in Resistance Movements

Dana Saxon – Ancestors UnKnown

G. Holwerda and Thomas Kortvelyessy – A Sint You Want

Stage Play (4th November at 19h)

Weisser Peter (White Peter) by Mohamed Wa Baile at the Westbahntheater, Innsbruck. Tickets available here.



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