Returning the Gaze II Keynote Announcement!!!

ERIF is very happy and honoured to announce Dr. Anandi Ramamurthy as keynote speaker for our forthcoming conference Returning the Gaze II: Stories of Resistance!

Anandi, who is reader in Post-Colonial Cultures at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK,  will deliver a talk entitled: Contesting the Visualisations of Gaza, based on her analysis of “the corporate media’s employment of both regulatory frameworks as well as political positioning in visuals and narratives suggests support for an Israeli PR agenda, which normalizes Israeli perspectives and inscribes Palestinians as both political and social “other”.”

Additionally, Anandi has a strong background in scholarship around racist imagery as well as resistance movements, as shown in her books Imperial Persuaders (2003) and Black Star: Britains Asian Youth Movements (2013).

Anandi will also host an interactive, media literacy workshop at the conference focused around footage of youth movements and the creation of resistance imagery.



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