UPDATE – Returning the Gaze: Stories of Resistance conference programme

Check out the conference programme below. More details to come soon!!!


Anandi Ramamurthy “Contesting the Visualisations of Gaza”


Anna Chrusciel & Markus Schega “Beyond the School-Zone”

Jenny Oliveira Caldas “Decolonising the Seminar Room”

Matthias Hinkelmann “Post-migrant identity formation an anti-racist resistance in Contemporary Germany”

Melanie Petremont and Pamela Ohene-Nyako “Literary Art and Performance as Counter-Narratives in Afropean Resistance”

Rena Onat and Raju Rage “Self-Representation as Counternarratives: Queer of Colour Visibilities in Art”

Mo Diener and Sophie Pagliai “Escaping / Becoming Roma: Reclaiming the Line of Flight as a Strategy Against Fossiliation in Identity Politics”

Praveen Sewgobind “Demasking Black Pete: Resisting Colonial Amnesia in the Netherlands”

Jonas Kohler “Digital Blackfacing or Empathy Building? The Case of ‘Rust’”

Julian Warner “Black Sounds/Sounds Black: Dubbing Black Actors and the Embodied Knowledge of the Voice Actor”

Ariane de Waal “Mind the Gaze: Policing the Travelling Other in the 21st Century Terror City”

Yasmeen Chaudhry and Ines El-Shikh “Multicultural Muslim Identity in Francophone Europe: A North African and South Asian Diasporas Perspective”

Gloria Holwerda “The Campaigns of the InterNational Anti-Racism Group (INARG)”

Joao da Mata “The cheapest meat on the market is my black meat: Brazilian juvenile, racism and selective enforcement”


Anandi Ramamurthy “Kala Tara: The Asian Youth Movements in Britain”

Collectif Afro Swiss and PostCit “Fighting Racist and Gendered Imagery with Black Feminism”

Gloria Holwerda “A Sint You Want”

Dana Saxon “Ancestry UnKnown”

Arjan Braaksma “Using design and branding in resistance movements”


Artistic Installation:

Karina Griffith “Becoming Afro-German”

Returning the gaze LOGO transparant

For more information about the event, check here or email us at info@erifonline.org


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